Restaurant Peshkov

The Peshkov restaurant – is a story about delicious food and a special, incomparable atmosphere. Here you can have a great time, appreciate the hits of European cuisine and get acquainted with the dishes of the East. Cozy atmosphere, delicious food and light music - everything is conducive to a pleasant pastime. Your stay at our restaurant will surely bring you happy memories. The Peshkov restaurant is a convenient place for business negotiations, privacy and romance for lovers, warmth and cordiality for meeting friends.
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Dark hall

A combination of respectability and luxury, noble interior colors, velvet sofas and armchairs, heavy curtains, brass lamps, warm glow of candles, serene music. An atmosphere of harmony and tranquility - 73 square meters, for 22 - 30 people.


Light hall

European filigree with notes of the ancient East. Panoramic windows, plenty of natural light, natural textures and natural colors. Palm trees, ficuses and ferns fill the room with freshness and lightness - 36 square meters, for 18 - 24 people.



The bar is made of natural oak. Elegant bar stools in English style. A plush selection of wines and spirits. Original cocktails from upscale bartenders.

«Peshkov» Restaurant

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