The boutique hotel "Novy Svet" is located in the historical part of the city of Grodno of the same name. It is located within walking distance from the main cultural and historical center.

The Novy Svet area is a miraculously preserved piece of Grodno of the late 19th century, known for its unique historical buildings in the styles of Polish and Russian Art Nouveau, eclecticism and constructivism. It has its own cozy atmosphere with the scent of lilacs and hints of antiquity. It is here that you can feel the unhurried breath of old Grodno. Once upon a time, many famous people lived here. Among them were the first president of Grodno Edward Listovsky, the famous Grodno hussar Mikhail Lermontov, the poet Maxim Bogdanovich, the composer Grigory Shirma, the mother of the writer Yuri Olesha.

Hotel has not only a unique location, but also its own unique image. The hotel has 8 tastefully decorated rooms of the category Suite and Standard, ranging from 17 to 32 sq. m. Each of which has its own name, is distinguished by its individual style and special interior. For guests who would like to cook their own meals, we can offer 2 apartments, with all the necessary amenities. We have tried to fill our hotel with warmth, comfort and charm.

We look forward to waiting for you at any time.

The history of our hotel dates back to 1883. In the past, the house belonged to an ordinary Jewish family. It housed Canel's colonial goods store. In the book by Andrey Chernyakevich "New World" and its surroundings" were mentioned the memories of the former owners of the house:" The owner's daughter learned to play the violin, often rehearsing in front of an open window, and her old grandmother was sitting next to her, driving away annoying boys who ran to listen to the young performer.

Panoramic view of the hotel

We did not fundamentally change the concept of the house, keeping the proportions and volumes characteristic of the historical buildings of the New World. The only change in the appearance of the building is the transformation of a small mezzanine into an entire attic floor with numerous arched windows.

And of course we kept the colonial goods store. Its assortment has probably changed a little. But, just like 100 years ago, you can find here amazing goods from distant countries: tea from China, India, Ceylon, coffee from America and Africa, tea utensils, cane sugar, chocolate, natural marmalade and candies and much much more that will surely delight you.

We have restored the old building, preserving its historical appearance as much as possible and transformed it into a house where guests are always eagerly and happily awaited.

This is how the hotel acquired its concept, image and unique atmosphere and became another object of the New World, which received a new life.